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Verity’s bifurcated blockchain system, VerityChain™, believed to be one of the most important advancements in data security, will store all supply chain, marketing claim, and product validation information on a secure network accessible to any authorized user on the Verity One™ mobile and web platform. Verity’s proprietary verification service first gets to the very heart of any product by performing a complete supply chain audit, thus independently certifying and documenting the truth behind any claim. It then manages and categorizes all that information through VerityChain™ technology, monitored by IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence, and makes it available to consumers using the Verity One™ smartphone app. Our mobile application will allow consumers to scan products and view the entire history of the product on the blockchain, from production to consumption. The use of unique digital signatures through tokens on the blockchain provides assurance that the information is legitimate and cannot be forged. For the consumer, The Verity One™ token acts as an incentive and gamified method to provide compensation for the added data they add, remove, change, or update in the Verity One™ database. Users can obtain VRTY tokens in a variety of ways, such as Scan credits, Upload credits, Product information updates, Data input, Social media posts, Reviews, Coupon use, Warranty upload, Recall sharing, etc. For the first time in history, the consumer can be guaranteed and can verify that product claims (Organic, Country of Origin, Halal, Vegan, Kosher, etc.) have been objectively audited and certified. Our mobile app will put power back into the hands of the consumer by holding producers and distributors accountable for product claims.