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Verity Claims

Our Verity™ Seals demonstrate that manufacturers and producers rigorously certify their supply chain to exceed national and industry standards for sourcing and quality assurance. Our technology and systems infrastructure provide full transparency and assurance that product claims are legitimate. A Verity Seal gives support to a nationalistic zeal towards promoting products whose country base offers an appeal to shoppers, whether it be TRUE Greek olive oil, Jamaican coffee, authentic name brand manufactured cigarette, or Ukrainian honey. Our certifications can also serve to instill trust and transparency in products for religious and alternative diet choices (Halal, Organic, Kosher, Vegan, etc.) by validating that the products have met the requirements of the diet.
Key business sectors for Verity One™’s Blockchain, IOT technology, and IBM Watson powered certification system include:
1. CONSTRUCTION– end products, materials (steel, iron, concrete, wallboard, textiles, glass, etc.)
2. TECHNOLOGY– digital, mobile, computer-based software, hardware, and peripherals
3. CHEMICAL– pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning, active ingredients, compounds
4. HEALTH & WELLNESS– active ingredients, formulations, structure
5. MILITARY– origin, end products, components, replacement parts, vendor validation
6. AGRICULTURE– seed, ingredients, nutritional content, origin, growers, workforce accreditation
7. MANUFACTURING– supply chain validation – electronics, textiles, foods, machinery
8. SUSTAINABILITY – carbon footprints/credits, free-range, grass-fed, organic, natural