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Track & Trace

Verity is ushering in a new age of data and transparency, for both the producer and the consumer, through our cutting-edge track and trace technology. Our core technologies (Blockchain, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence) allow Verity to effortlessly command mountains of meticulous data throughout the global supply chain in an unprecedented fashion. We use Internet of Things devices to record precise data and metrics on products throughout the supply chain and store it all on our state of the art Hyperledger Blockchain for data security and quality assurance. Additionally, we leverage IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence to automate our processes and improve efficiency. For manufacturers, producers, and distributors the ability to follow their products intimately, guard against counterfeiting, and have trustworthy accounting of where and when their products are purchased, and then knowing who their end customers are, is priceless. For the consumer, the ability to use digital signatures on Verity’s blockchain to know where the product is from, where it has been, and be guaranteed that product claims have been objectively verified is just as invaluable. Verity’s core technologies allow for complete transparency on the consumer end and complete oversight on the producer end through the thorough tracking and tracing of products throughout the global supply chain.