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What is Blockchain?


    Until now, supply chain databases have been in the hands of third-party companies with little to no oversight or transparency making it difficult to prove the validity of product claims like “Made in America”, “Organic”, etc. Verity One™ will create a free-flowing and secure global supply chain database providing consumers with increased transparency and trust while providing producers and manufacturers with tremendous logistical information, oversight of their products, counterfeit protection, and legitimacy.

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What Is IoT?


Mountains of data can be gathered from Verity’s IoT devices providing manufacturers and distributors with a constant stream of information on their products as they move through the global supply chain. Likewise, consumers will rest assured Verity will ensure that the supply chain is no longer just a series of checkpoints, but is a continuous flow of qualitative data on product well being.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?


AI allows computers to adapt and “learn” behaviors from identifying patterns in data. Thus, the AI software becomes increasingly more efficient as it identifies patterns and begins to operate independently from the code. Artificial Intelligence increases speed and improves the data management algorithms over time. These qualities allow Verity to govern massive supply chain databases with ease.

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