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Verity’s Trifecta Of Technology


Verity has created an all-encompassing, scalable system that can authenticate, categorize, and monitor virtually any form of data to qualify and quantify all marketing, transactional or distribution claims of virtually any product. The need for this system is worldwide, and its importance is unparalleled.  The union of these technologies will deliver increased efficiency, security, transparency, and legitimacy. In the not so distant future, these technologies will be a necessity in order to remain competitive.

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What Is IoT?


Mountains of data can be gathered from Verity’s IoT devices providing manufacturers and distributors with a constant stream of information on their products as they move through the global supply chain. Likewise, consumers will rest assured Verity will ensure that the supply chain is no longer just a series of checkpoints, but is a continuous flow of qualitative data on product well being.

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