Today’s Marketing Strategies Don’t Cut It

In a world where millions of brands, producers, growers and suppliers delivering millions of products and services to manufacturers, producers, and their customers every day. Countries, manufacturers and producers put their reputations on the line with every product or service produced showcasing unsupported Country of Origin, Religious, Marketing, or other Scientific Claims such as: Made-in or Product-of USA, Kosher and Halal Certifications, New/Improved, Sugar-free, Reduced Fat, Non-GMO, Organic, and more. Currently, manufacturers, retailers and consumers rely on supply chains to confirm their Country of Origin and other marketing claims without any form of secondary authentication.

Meet VerityChain

Verity connects businesses, producers, and consumers on a secure blockchain ledger while ensuring that any Country of Origin or other marketing claim on a product is validated with supported documentation.

The Trifecta Of Technology
Ai, IoT, and Bifurcated Blockchain

IBM Watson® Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM Hyperledger, Ethereum Blockchain, and Internet of Things (IOT) are at the core of Verity’s technological infrastructure. These technologies synergize to provide traceability of assets across any network, including: physical assets, intangible assets, and transactional data. Our secure, bifurcated Hyperledger with multi-layered access provides traceability from the originating source to the end consumer while providing transparency and substantiation to authorized people in the network. Watson® is a real-time artificial intelligence platform that we use to help clients develop bi-directional relationships with consumers and vendors through our Verity One™ system.

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Verity Claims

Company’s use Verity Claim validation to be transparent with their consumers.

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Track & Trace

Company’s use Verity Track & Trace to mitigate risk while also being transparent.

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Verity ONE App

Transparency at your fingertips, Verity One available on IOS and Android.

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Team & Advisers
Adam Reiser

Co-Founder & CEO

Alex Lightman

Chief Legitimacy Officer, CLO

Nella Zelensky

CAMLS-Audit, Compliance Consultant

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What is Blockchain?

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    Until now, supply chain databases have been in the hands of third-party companies with little to no oversight or transparency making it difficult to prove the validity of product claims like “Made in America”, “Organic”, etc. Verity One™ will create a free-flowing and secure global supply chain database providing consumers with increased transparency and trust while providing producers and manufacturers with tremendous logistical information, oversight of their products, counterfeit protection, and legitimacy.

What Is IoT?

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Mountains of data can be gathered from Verity’s IoT devices providing manufacturers and distributors with a constant stream of information on their products as they move through the global supply chain. Likewise, consumers will rest assured Verity will ensure that the supply chain is no longer just a series of checkpoints, but is a continuous flow of qualitative data on product well being.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

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AI allows computers to adapt and “learn” behaviors from identifying patterns in data. Thus, the AI software becomes increasingly more efficient as it identifies patterns and begins to operate independently from the code. Artificial Intelligence increases speed and improves the data management algorithms over time. These qualities allow Verity to govern massive supply chain databases with ease.

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