The Relentless Pursuit of Truth.

Safeguarding and strengthening trust

Verity, Inc.

Founded in 2009, Verity’s corporate offices are located in Boca Raton, Florida. We presently serve nearly 300 clients that represent thousands of product SKUs.

In addition, we have many domestic and international governments, organizations, distributors and retailers (on- and off-line) in our development pipeline with hundreds of thousands of individual products to certify and validate.

We offer certifications for religious and alternative diet choices, as well as other marketing claims. These include, but are not limited to Organic, Vegan, Free Range, Kosher, Grass Fed, and Halal. For companies that have experienced issues within their supply chain, we provide documented remediation services that mitigate and restore trust.
Lastly, our certification processes are fully vetted – after an intensive government investigation into multiple companies, Verity’s system is the only one which not only met but exceeded the United States government’s standards

Verity is the leading objective, independent organization dedicated to substantiating and verifying country of origin claims. We work in conjunction with government agencies and trade organizations to clarify and establish consistent and truthful labeling practices.

Verity™ seals demonstrate that manufacturers, growers, and producers rigorously certify their products to exceed global industry standards for quality and value.
Our four levels of documented certification give truth an authentic voice. We hold brands, manufacturers, growers, producers, and retailers accountable for marketing claims in order to ensure compliance and protect the consumer.

The Verity, Inc. main site is www.Verity.bz

Your data is secure within our next level server database with top of the line encryption.

While we are a global company and have offices overseas, our main office is located in sunny south florida at FAU’s Research Park.


3651 FAU Boulevard #400,

Boca Raton, FL 33431