The Significance of Authenticated Country of Origin Labeling

Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers currently rely on supply chains to confirm their country of origin and other marketing claims without any form of secondary authentication. Marketing fraud and counterfeit products are an epidemic in today’s global economy as determined by a report from KPMG/FICCI titled “Illicit trade: Fueling Terror Financing and Organised Crime” published in October 2017, stating that the total value of counterfeit and pirated goods in global commerce is estimated to rise to US $1.90-2.81 trillion by 2022. Apart from this, total job losses globally due to counterfeiting and piracy are expected to rise to 4.2-5.4 million by 2022. Verity wields a cutting-edge supply chain platform called Verity One™, which integrates Blockchain, Internet of Things devices, and IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence to verify marketing claims. Our core technologies can validate country of origin claims through our extensive authentication processes and can make the information available to consumers on our Verity One mobile application. For the first time in history, consumers can be guaranteed that country of origin marketing claims have been validated by an independent, objective third party company. Additionally, Verity can work with governments and trade organizations to ensure full regulatory compliance for our partners through the tracking and tracing of their products. Verity is the only supply chain and country of origin verification company that has been successfully vetted by a US Agency during the FTC Country of Origin Labeling Investigation of 2014. Verity’s proprietary supply chain verification process was found to have met and exceeded the standards of country of origin labeling set the by the FTC, allowing permission for continued business while maintaining current standards. As a result of continued business, Verity was able to register for the USPTO Word Marked “Made in the USA Certified®” claim. We have now gone beyond Made in USA and plan to validate country of origin claims all over the world with our state of the art technology platform, Verity One™, in order to provide truth and transparency for the consumer.


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