Recalls: The Difference Between Life and Death!

Recall Risk Management and Instant Notification provides an immediate pathway to remediation when issues arise.

Verity One™ will provide the opportunity to deliver valuable information such as contact and delivery data, safety guidelines, product warnings, recalls, and recommended usage in real-time directly to the end users smartphone. This data synergy will potentially protect procuring agencies and manufacturers, all through our cloud-based data system and the Verity One™ app at the destination location. Consumers will be rewarded through VRTY tokens for reporting accurate recall information through the Verity One mobile application. Additionally, our app will provide instant recall push notifications, limited liability for the seller, governmental proactive responses, direct responses to consumers, FAQ’s, and instructions on how to handle or exchange recalled product. Recalls are commonplace as can be seen in Dodge’s recent truck recall, Mcdonald’s lettuce recall, Valsartan’s medication recall, Silk’s almond milk recall, among others. The Verity One™ token is used to provide the manufacturer, brand, farm or owner with instant push notification capability for recall management. In the event of a Salmonella outbreak, Listeria outbreak, or other equivalent scenario, a product recall event queries in the Verity One™ system. This query instantly sends a push notification to any consumer using the Verity One™ Mobile App that purchased the affected product. Furthermore, the brand can offer coupons, token payments, or other compensatory services through our mobile app to the affected customers. To give an example for reference, you buy two bags of dog food from a store and are notified that only one of the bags you purchased was from the contaminated batch associated with the latest recall, saving you from feeding your dog contaminated food. The event will trigger a VRTY token payment option to each recall recipient that returns or shares the product recall with a friend or other affected consumer. The Verity recall risk management and instant notification system can very well be the difference between life and death in the event of product recalls.


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